Net Worth update - March 2007: Up 7.7%

As of the end of last quarter, our Net Worth was $570,651.

Our Net Worth increased by $40,636 (or 7.7%) in this quarter. Of this, $20,216 is new contributions we made to our accounts (including employer match in 401k accounts), $2,495 is from increase in home equity due to mortgage payments we made, and the rest ($17,925) is due to investment income and unrealized gains in our accounts.

Most of our holdings are in tax-deferred retirement accounts. This is intentional, since I want to "front-load" our tax-deferred accounts, so as to make the most of the tax benefits.

It was only a few years ago that we got serious about saving and investing. I will post updates for every quarter from now so that I can track our progress towards accomplishing our goals.

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Prasanth said...

What does "Cash Balance Pension" mean?



Nigel said...

This is a kind of retirement plan I have at work. It is similar to a 401(k) in that I contribute to it out of my paycheck and it grows tax-deferred. However, unlike a 401(k), I don't get a tax deduction upfront, and I don't get to choose the investments held in the plan. Here is a page with more information about this kind of plans:

Nigel said...

Sorry, here is the correct link

Anonymous said...

Nigel, Please post update on how you're doing and what changes you have made since last update in 2007. Thanks.