I am Nigel, a fortysomething engineer living in the US. I am a first-generation immigrant and a naturalized US citizen.

I started this site to organize information related to planning for my retirement. At this point, I am not sure about what our eventual retirement plans would be. My initial estimates of the amount needed for retiring in the US, coupled with my desire for early retirement, lead me to believe that "Retiring to India" may be my best option.

This is going to be a collection of articles about the numerous topics relevant to retirement planning, especially for someone thinking of retiring overseas. I hope to keep the artilcles up-to-date as I learn more about each topic.

I hope that this will be useful to anyone considering spending all or part of their retirement abroad.

Comments? Thoughts? Please write me using the link on the main page.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel
I have recently started taking interest in personal finance and found your blog through JLPs blog. Your posts have caught my attention as I am from India and working in the US. Please keep up the posts.

c said...

Just curious to see whether the kids (if any) are on board with looking at retirement in India..


Nigel said...

At this point, we are not that concerned about how the kids are going to react. We are not going to take the kids with us when we retire -- they should be old enough to live independently at that point (at least well-settled in college). Of course there will always be unforeseen problems when we are actually close to doing this, so it remains to be seen..

Swapan said...

Hi Nigel
I am a naturalized US citizen and want to retire to India. Can you tell me whether there is any residence requirement like certain minimum number of days in a year to be in USA to maintain US citizenship ?

Nigel said...

No, there isn't. There are plenty of US citizens who retire outside the US. There is no difference between a naturalized US citizen and a native-born US citizen.

Anonymous said...

The proposed Direct Tax Code 2012 may impose tax implications in both countries in certain cases. Articles on this subject may be useful

Swaroop said...

I haven't seen any updates to this site since 2011. Wondering whether the author has already moved back to India. If so, how do his plans compare to reality? We are naturalized US citizens (in our mid 40s) who moved back to India in 2006. We are tentatively thinking along the same lines, viz. retire in our early 50s. We have two grown children (15 & 20), but we're thinking that $1000/month is not at all going to suffice unless you build/own your house.

Ravi2427 said...

Landed on this site after spending quite a bit of time at early-retirement.org.
Nigel--I must compliment you on putting this blog/site together. I can see you have invested a lot of effort in presenting the info most people wanting to retire in India would need. We're naturalized US citizens in our mid 50's wanting to retire with a possibility of spending extended period of time in India during cold winter winter months. Look forward to visiting your site more often and possibly contibuting to it as well for the benefit of others likeminded folks. Cheers!

Maggie Barton said...

Having been to India - admittedly Goa - many years ago and visited Mumbai when on a cruise about five years ago, I have wanted to return to that beautiful country with its lovely people and vibrant colours. Then .....the Exotic Marigold Hotel ..... and now The Real Marigold Hotel on the television. Apologies if being in the States you have seen neither but do try. I have long thought how nice it would be at least to winter somewhere warmer - and we're in the South of England. The film of course didn't show any of the problems which would be faced - and the TV production is only in its first week. Nevertheless, I would now like to give it a try, probably initially just for a month. If therefore any of you decide to go/learn anything about somewhere suitable, do please post, as will I.

Anonymous said...

I am an Indian citizen but have lived abroad since I was 16. Since I have been looking at early retirement (early 40s) and have tried to investigate all the options, I visited your site which is quite nice.

However, given the relatively high cost of living in India, I have chosen Malaysia instead since it is much cheaper for similar levels of quality (especially for property and south Indian food) and, much more importantly, does not have capital gains or interest taxes. These alone will eat up a lot of passive income in India unless you invest in Indian stocks which I am not familiar with. For those considering retiring in India, how do you propose to handle the loss in passive income?