Switched to custom domain

I switched the blog to a custom domain today. It is still hosted at Blogger, but no longer uses the blogspot address. The new URL is http://www.retire2india.com

Any old links and bookmarks will continue to work, since Blogger forwards them to the new domain. I have to experiment a bit more to make sure that everything works right.


Prasanth said...


Great. I had clicked on your blog couple o fdays back and was taken to a "not found page" link. Was wondering as to what was going on.

pearl said...

Thats great Nigel! I don't like that blogspot address either.. I am debating to keep it at blogger or move to wordpress!

btw - thanks for your comment on the 3 col-template.. had replied on my own blog, wasn't sure if you saw it! tc and kit

Kevin P said...

Did you change the domain through blogspot?

Nigel said...

Blogger allows you to use a custom domain (which you have to buy from elsewhere). Google "Blogger custom domain" for details, or send me an email. I am not sure if it will work with the older version of Blogger which I think you are using.