Outsourcing Retirement to India

The idea of India as a low-cost retirement destination comes up every so often, usually in the context of medical or nursing home care in America and Europe. The notion is getting some attention in India as well. I found this article with the provocative subtitle Why not move the retirees to India? in the online version of Mint, an Indian business newspaper. Here is an excerpt:

[European retirees in India] can enjoy the standard of living they have come to know, at price levels they can afford. For India, the retirees’ spending offers another growth industry, potentially employing another several hundred thousand people working in the hospitality retirement business and all the ancillary services associated with it... If India can serve as back office to the world, why can’t we become its retirement home as well?
An earlier editorial in the Times of India discussed the same topic:
Given the high rates of rentals and medical services abroad, people are opting to move to India to lead retired lives that are comfortable and affordable. India ought to pull out all stops to attract this kind of outsourcing as it has great potential.
Unfortunately, there is currently no easy way for a non-Indian to retire in India. There is no such thing as a "retirement visa" to India (as there is for several other countries). A foreign retiree cannot stay for longer than six months in India. Unless the Indian immigration laws are liberalized, this idea is a non-starter.