Net Worth update - 2008 Second quarter: Down 1.1%

As of the end of the second quarter of 2008, our Net Worth was $660,134.

Our Net worth decreased by $7,514 (or 1.1%) this quarter. The return on our overall portfolio for the quarter was a negative 4.5%. I calculated our portfolio return using a formula for calculating portfolio return I mentioned in a previous post.

Considering the performance of the stock markets in the last quarter, I am not too disappointed with the performance of our portfolio. The bond portion of our portfolio (all in retirement accounts) held up as expected. Like everyone else, I am hoping for a better second half of the year.

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house seller said...

Its best to leave out real estate in calculating net worth. When you try to sell house/land in India you will find that offers are much lower than buying rates.

Nigel said...

Our real estate holding in India is very small, and I have assessed it very conservatively. Most of the real estate we own is our home in the US, for which I used the municipal assessment. I realize that this is not ideal, but it gives a concrete number to work with.