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My post on 10 Alternatives to Retiring Abroad is featured in the 143rd Festival of Frugality at Living Almost Large. My post on Retirement milestones by Age is featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance #170 at The Personal Financier.

Here are some articles from the two carnivals that I found interesting:


Shawn Watson said...

Thanks for highlighting my post Meet The Boring Young Millionaires among these great articles.

Friendly Regards,

RetiredAt47 said...

Thanks so much for mentioning both of my articles!

I've been looking around at some of your posts and think you have some excellent advice. I agree wholeheartedly on your recommendations for FireCalc and the 4% withdrawal rules. Also, I noticed that we have read many of the same books. You have one listed that I'd never seen - "The Intelligent Asset Allocator". I'm going to check it out.