Cost of Living in Goa

I found this interesting post by Chris at nomad4ever about the cost of living in Goa. Chris is a European who leads a "nomadic lifetstyle" in Asia after quitting the rat race. He has posted previously about the cost of living in the Philippines and Bali, so it is interesting to read his travel notes from Goa.

Chris's choice of items for comparing the cost of living (cigarettes, clothes and alcohol) may not be of interest to everybody, but it is no less relevant than the well-known Big Mac Index.

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nomad4ever said...

Hi Nigel, thanks for recommending my Cost Chart for Goa. Yup it starts with Cigarettes, Alcohol, and the like, but those are quite some day-2-day items for a lot of people. ;-)

I gave up smoking and excessive drinking a while ago, thank god! :-)))

Anyway, all the best for your travels and ventures!


Anonymous said...

Your site is great, but the site that this link points at seems to assume one will lay on the beach in blue jeans, smoke cigs and drink, i.e. it omits housing, food, etc.

gotta be something better!

great job on rest of site. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Here is another list or two about costs in Goa, India..

Robert Lyon said...

The previous link does not work anymore, here is a new link to the same (but updated information)

Cost of living in India