A guide to this site

1.1 Who are you?
1.2 Why do you want to retire to India?
1.3 What's your plan for retiring to India?

Retiring early
2.1 What is your favorite book about retiring early?
2.2 Are there any good examples of people who have retired early?

Retiring abroad
3.1 Am I eligible for Social security if I retire outside the US?
3.2 Am I eligible for Medicare if I retire outside the US?
3.3 What is a good book on retiring abroad?
3.4 What are some alternatives to retiring abroad if my goal is to retire early?

4.4 How much can I contribute yearly to my retirement accounts?
4.5 What are some of the important milestones on the road to retirement?
4.6 How can I withdraw money from retirement accounts early without paying a penalty?
4.7 What is your asset allocation?
4.8 What are some good ways to invest for generating income if I retire early?
4.9 Is there anything I can do to reduce future taxes on my retirement accounts if I retire early?
4.10 Can I live on interest payments alone if I retire early?
4.11 What are some things I should know about Social security retirement benefits?

4.12 Should I choose to opt for social security benefits at 62, or wait for later?
4.13 What are some good books to learn about personal finance?

5.1 I am not a US Citizen. Can I withdraw money from my US retirement accounts when I leave the US?
5.2 I am not a US citizen. Can I open an IRA?
5.3 What are your thoughts on financial issues facing immigrants to the US?
5.4 What are your thoughts on helping adult children financially?

Health Care
6.1 Am I eligible for Medicare if I retire outside the US?
6.2 Is it possible to get long-term care (nursing home care) in India?
6.3 What are your thoughts on the current state of Social security and Medicare?

7.1 What are some good places to retire in India?
7.2 What is a good book to learn about contemporary India?

7.3 How much does it cost to live in India?
7.4 What should I know about retirement homes in India?
7.5 I am not Indian. How can I get a retirement visa to India?
7.6 What are your thoughts on non-Indians moving to India for retirement?
7.7 What do I need to know about income taxes in India?
7.8 Does India allow dual citizenship?
7.9 Are there any Asian countries that allow foreigners to retire there?
7.10 Are there any others like you planning to retire early to India?


S. B. said...

Great post, Nigel. I've always been impressed with the organization of your individual posts, and now you have your whole site organized as well!

Nigel said...

Thanks, S.B.

Anitha said...

Nigel, great site. I hit upon it when I was looking info on 401(k). Just a suggestion: Adding publish date/last updated date to your pages would indicate the age of the info. For a novice like me, it indicates where I am looking at most recent information or not.

Prashant said...

Great blog!
Question on Health Savings Account (HSA): In case you are going back to India (not necessarily retiring), you would want to take your money back with you from your HSA account. Does anybody here know how to get your money out of the HSA account? I am sure you will have to pay taxes and penalty on that money but how much is that and in the end, do you get a check for the balance which you can take with you and deposit in an Indian bank?
Appreciate your response.

burntout said...

Excellent information, and well organized. I am trying to experiment with some early retirement concepts myself, and this will serve as a very useful guide!

ashok handa said...

Hi Sr. Citizens of India. I am looking for retirement homes for the reasonably well off in Punjab. The reason ,lot of younger people go overseas or metros for better opportunities and the elderly remain in their homelands by choice or compulsion. Elderly need security and company and for that I feel good and purposeful community living can bring cheers to these well off people . Since the State does not really think of elders and eisting old age homes are pathetic . Can somebody suggest such places in/arround Punjab .
Likeminded elders can share and collectively we can find ways to plan such homes .
Ashok Handa