Retirement homes in India: Request for information

I have received a number of requests (some of them spam, but others are legitimate) to post links and information about specific retirement homes in India. I would be glad to post this information for free on this site, since it could be of use to many people.

If you own or manage a retirement home or community, or if you just have information that you like to share, I request that you send me a brief article about the place, preferably including a photo. It would be ideal if you could include the following details:

  • Location: Where exactly is it located?
  • Target audience: Who is it intended for? Is there any age restriction?
  • Expenses: What is the buy-in price and/or monthly expenses?
  • Contract: Are there any contractual restrictions to be aware of?
  • Current status: Is the place already in operation? How many people are currently living there?
  • Contact information for potential clients.
  • Any other information you like to share